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MCU: Let's Go Home

Fandom: The Avengers/Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Main characters: Steve, Bucky
Referenced characters: Thor, Tony
Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Contains: Sap
Rating: G
Summary: Home is a long time ago, but everything's okay now.
Notes: Cheating and stealing the snippets of comic canon I know of re: Winter Soldier. You might consider it a spoiler?

Steve can't get drunk. That's not just a theory; he's tried, oh he's tried. And what's more, Thor and Tony have tried as well. There was a time when it'd only take one drink, and Bucky would laugh and offer to carry him home. Steve has missed those nights with a deep ache that he can't begin to describe, so when Bucky's there -- real, not a dream or a phantom: Steve can reach out and touch him, and he does, brushes across the inside of Bucky's right wrist for the warm flutter of his pulse, rests his hand on Bucky's other shoulder for the cool metal that is now a part of him too -- Steve somehow isn't surprised that he feels intoxicated all over again. It wasn't just the alcohol: it never was. It was Bucky, close to him, an arm slung warm over his shoulders or the giddy whisky-heat of his grin.

The feeling is so familiar, he daren't quite trust it, even when it all feels so real. He watches Bucky, his every movement, notes every change that has crept in and everything that has stayed the same.

But he's still off his guard, oh, always off his guard with Bucky, when his friend turns to him, smile tipped askew in a way that Steve wants to kiss. "Ready to go?"

Steve feels a lump in his throat, because this -- nothing has changed. "You know I don't like places like this," he says. It's still true, even if he fits in better now than he did back then, even if he has no shortage of dance partners. But, "Where do you want to go?"

"Home," Bucky says, soft. "Home with you."

Home is a long time ago, but Steve doesn't hesitate now, doesn't ask where home is meant to be. "Alright. Let's go home."

"We've gotta find somewhere better for the two of us than that ugly tower of Stark's, now I'm back," Bucky says. As Steve gets up he throws an arm around him, steadies the little wobble, and looks at him with the same old mischief. "But for now..."

It's pointless to say it. It sounds too sentimental, like something on one of those awful mass-produced cards. But Steve feels it with all his heart, and he's sure Bucky knows what he's thinking, because nothing has changed that much.

He's already home, in the circle of Bucky's steadying arm, in the centre of Bucky's attention.

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