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edenbound ([personal profile] edenbound) wrote2007-06-15 09:48 pm


Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Ultimecia/Seifer, Seifer/Squall
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Summary: Seifer can still feel her. For [livejournal.com profile] ruby_shards.

He could feel her. He could always feel her, always ever so slightly more than just a presence in his mind -- she was there, at the base of his spine, the prickle in his fingers, a constant warning. And she's there still, laughing, biding her time. Sometimes Seifer thinks of telling Squall, or more probably, Rinoa, when they visit. Rinoa hasn't changed: she's as sweet as ever. And, outwardly, nor has Squall, and yet there's something happy haunting Squall's eyes -- a happiness Seifer hates, because it has nothing to do with him (except, perhaps, because he's locked away and pinned down and harmless now).

Maybe it's that that keeps him silent. Maybe it's the whisper, her voice at the back of his mind -- a voice for him alone, a voice that quietens to a whisper when Rinoa is there, so as not to be sensed, hidden within him. He's not sure whether it's the most welcome voice he's ever heard, or more like nails scraping on blackboards (Squall hates that noise, he remembers, all of a sudden -- funny the things you remember when you're sat in a cell). The voice is saying he'll be ours someday, my knight.

He's content to bide his time (one day, the voice whispers, one day soon will be our day).

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