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edenbound ([personal profile] edenbound) wrote2013-08-27 10:33 pm

MCU: Tie Me Up

Fandom: Avengers (MCU)
Main characters: Clint, Phil
Referenced characters: N/a
Contains: Hints at breathplay, sub/dom
Rating: PG13
Summary: Clint might maybe have a bit of a tie fetish thing going on.

Clint likes Phil's ties, no matter what he says about them to rile him up. Because yeah, if anyone can rock that look, it's Phil, and he can almost make a tie look badass, which is not one of Clint's skills (even though he maintains that he looks badass in everything). And also because when Phil does let go a bit -- loosens his tie, undoes the top button of his shirt, it instantly creates this debauched look like Clint's been all over him. Even when he hasn't. Although that isn't often, at all.

But the other good thing about the tie is the times when Clint gets to yank Phil around by it. Loosen it off as the start of a seduction, drag him to the bed, wrap it round his hand to reel him in. Tighten it just that little bit around his throat, so that Phil is gasping, so that he's grateful when Clint lets him have a breath. If it weren't so private, Clint would crack jokes about it -- it is kinda funny, after all, because Phil's his handler most of the time, but get his hand on the tie of the day and Phil's his bitch.

So yeah, Clint can definitely live with the ties. It's just that unruffled facade that gets to him and that -- that he can do something about.

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