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edenbound ([personal profile] edenbound) wrote2013-01-30 11:13 am

MCU: Gag Order

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Main characters: Tony, Pepper, Bruce
Referenced characters: N/a
Pairings: Tony/Bruce/Pepper
Contains: Sex
Rating: R
Summary: Tony talks too much, but Pepper and Bruce know how to keep him quiet.
Notes: For the porn battle, prompt "gagged".

He talks too much. He knows it. He can talk himself into and out of anything -- provided he's given the chance to talk, which apparently is not on the cards with Pepper and Bruce tonight. It was a mistake bringing those two together, both so brilliant in their own ways, both so capable of tying him in knots, and one of them ready to teach the other just how to do it. Pepper's always known, really, behind the will that be all, Mr Stark? And now Bruce is learning, too, which has somehow resulted in him being gagged.

His hands are free, actually: Pepper is wary of anything that actually curtails his freedom, anything he can't get himself out of if he needs to, because a safeword takes too long to say when his brain-circuits misfire. But that's not the point. The point is that Bruce and Pepper want him gagged, and Tony is pretty inclined to let them have their way in anything.

Even if they're going to persist on torturing him -- Pepper with that knowing tone in her voice, with her clever slender fingers that he trusts on every part of him; Bruce with that careful touch, tender where Pepper doesn't dare to be because that's never been her job. Even if they're going to persist in knowing him, with the way his hands and feet are left free, with the way Bruce is pressed up against his back, solid, reassuring. Even if Pepper is going to use that clever mouth of hers to tease, teeth and tongue, abusing her knowledge of his body and even guiding Bruce's hands to do the same.

Tony leans back into Bruce's chest, feels rather than hears the rumble of Bruce's voice as he says something -- praise? a curse? perhaps even an endearment -- and closes his eyes, giving himself up to them. There'll be plenty of time to talk after they're done doing such wonderful things to him.