Oct. 15th, 2012

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Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Main characters: Nida, Squall
Referenced characters: Selphie, Zell
Pairing: Squall/Nida
Contains: N/a
Rating: G
Summary: Nida isn't sure if anyone else has noticed the torrid love affair between him and the commander -- actually, the commander himself may not have noticed yet.
Notes: Written for argle_fraster. Not sure why I forgot to post these fics.

Limelight )
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Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Main characters: Squall, Seifer, Rinoa
Referenced characters: Selphie
Pairings: Seifer/Squall(/Rinoa)
Contains: Hints at voyeurism/exhibitionism
Rating: PG
Summary: Rinoa doesn't expect anyone else to understand the way things work between her, Seifer and Squall.
Notes: Written for tinamachina. Again, not sure why I didn't post it before.

Separate Worlds )
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Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Main characters: Squall, Rinoa, OFC
Referenced characters: N/a
Pairings: past Squall/Rinoa
Contains: Kidfic
Rating: G
Summary: Squall's still learning how to do this, all the time.
Notes: For amberswansong. Last of the belatedly posted things!

We're the Grown-Ups Now )
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Fandom: The Dark is Rising
Main characters: Will, Bran
Referenced characters: Merriman
Pairing: Will/Bran
Contains: Sap
Rating: PG13
Summary: Will sometimes doubts if this is real.
Notes: Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo, prompt "towel".

Pandora's Box )
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Fandom: The Avengers/Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Main characters: Steve, Bucky
Referenced characters: Thor, Tony
Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Contains: Sap
Rating: G
Summary: Home is a long time ago, but everything's okay now.
Notes: Cheating and stealing the snippets of comic canon I know of re: Winter Soldier. You might consider it a spoiler?

Let's Go Home )


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